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Visit Palestine and Israel

Have you booked your place on the World Mission Council's visit to Palestine and Israel yet? If not, now is the time to do so! 


The visit will be led by Rev Grant Barclay, Giffnock: Orchardhill, and will take place from 4-14 May 2018.


This unique 10 day pilgrimage to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories will take in the cities of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jaffa, and Tiberias, introducing you to the local Christians and partners of the Church of Scotland, as well as visiting some of the major Biblical sites.  You will be guided by a local Palestinian Christian, with support from the two Church of Scotland ministers based locally.


Douglas Simpson, who was on the 2017 visit said: "For 10 fascinating days we travelled through Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories seeing amazing sites and meeting remarkable people, enjoying fellowship, laughter and occasionally tears with our fellow pilgrims."


Email: kroger@churchofscotland.org.uk to register your interest or to get more information.

Zambia Faces Cholera Outbreak

Ida Waddell, our Mission Partner in Zambia, has contacted us with news of the cholera outbreak in Zambia:


"Zambia, especialy Lusaka, has been badly hit with Cholera. There are over 2000 cases reported so far. Gatherings of more than 5 are being discouraged, even in church services. Markets are closed, and there is a curfew imposed in the most affected area from 18:00 until 06:00. Schools, Colleges and Universities have not opened."


The United Church in Zambia have issued a statement regarding the situation, providing recommendations of best practice to its congregations.

Prayer for Sri Lanka

Our Partner, The National Christian Council of Sri Lanka (NCCSL), has issued a call to fast and pray for the country from 11-31 January: 


"We as a nation are living through difficult times. Clouds of gloom seem to be hovering above us. A sense of pessimism has invaded into all areas of life. Hopelessness is reflected among the people. Our social contextual reality bears witness to this...


Such a difficult social environment calls us to look again to our God, reflecting on our true calling as a witnessing and serving Christian Community in this land and seeking God’s help for all that our nation is experiencing."


Please join with the NCCSL in praying for their country.


Send Us Your Christmas Stamps!

The World Mission Council's 2017 Stamp Appeal will soon be coming to an end, so please make sure you send us your stamps as soon as possible.


The Church of Scotland’s 2017 Stamp Appeal will support the Giffen Institute of Theology (GIT) in South Sudan. GIT of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS) needs books. Having recently relocated to Kakuma, a refugee camp in Kenya, GIT is looking to stock up its library for students. This year’s stamp appeal will help do that.

Help us to support our partner, the PCOSS, through collecting your used stamps which are sold to make money for much needed resources.

For information on how to donate your stamps, click here.


  • 24th of the Month Event. We are joining with Christians around the world to pray for peace in the Middle East on the 24th of each month. We pray with and for our sisters and brothers in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory who have called for an ecumenical prayer vigil across the globe on the 24th of every month. 

    If you are interested in hosting a 24th of the Month event, please contact Carol Finlay from the World Mission Council cfinlay@churchofscotland.org.uk or Val Brown, from Christian Aid, VBrown@christian-aid.org








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